Man is born, grows and dies. Between these stages, many events can occur to constitute our history no matter where we are from. They can be either pride or disappointment or even both. As a human being, we have things that characterize, best describe, and sometimes make each of us different to the others. Because everyone is made up of things that composite him, at least, three things make me be who I am: I am a committed Christian, trilingual, and I have Computer Science skills.

I am a committed Christian, especially Roman Catholic. I was born in a Catholic Christian family. My parents are Roman Catholic, and my grandparents were too. All my family is Roman Catholic. My parents raised my siblings and me by teaching us how to pray. For instance, every day before we left the house to school in the morning, we said a prayer. Likewise, in the night, before we laid in bed, we said a prayer. The good thing was that every evening I was the one who said the prayer, no matter how I said it. I think it was the best way to help me improve my faith. Also, they always reminded us how important it is to go to church every Sunday. So every Sunday I went to church, and on top of that, I took a commitment always to devote myself in church activities such as helping clean it every week. Moreover, to build up my Christian faith, my parents sent me to a Catholic school, both primary and high school. And it was great because rules in such schools are really strong. The education I received there was perfect. Before we started classes in the morning, the teacher said a prayer. The best thing was that we had a subject named “PRAYER”. Each student had to read a Bible verse assigned by the teacher, then explain his or her reading in front of the other students.

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Not only am I committed Christian, but also I am trilingual, and I can speak three different languages: French, English, and German. Cameroon is a bilingual country and consists of two sides: the …

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