?It isn’t often you see a ten year age difference between siblings. There’s nearly a decade between my kids. Their age span is a difference between a flip phone and an iPhone or George W Bush and Barack Obama. While most parents love their children equally, I will say that the age difference between my children made me appreciate the little things with my second child. What you don’t realize with your first child is how fast they grow up.

?My daughter, Hayden Marie, who is ten was born in my early to mid-twenties when I was naive, reckless and drawn to unusual names. Hayden is an old soul and this may be because in a way we have grown up together. It seems like only yesterday we brought her home from the hospital, now she can read and write in both English and Spanish, while John, my son, can barely walk or speak. Hayden is tall and solid and I am not able to pick her up anymore. John, who is one, is small and fits perfectly cradled in my arms. Hayden is like a little Mother, she jumps at the chance to change a diaper even if it’s dirty. She loves putting her brother to sleep by singing to him and rubbing his back, even if it takes over an hour. She also enjoys folding her brother’s laundry and making sure his onesies are arranged just right in his drawers. The love she has for her brother is an extremely special bond and I didn’t expect to see the maturity in my daughter this soon. I too have a brother and we are six years apart. I remember all the attention being focused on him and feeling left out. I never had a chance to accept or appreciate it because nobody ever talked to me about what being a sister would be like. Fortunately, Hayden embraced her new role in the family and took pride in her responsibility of being an older sister. I remember her telling me how important it was for her to make good decisions because her brother was going to be looking up to her and she never wanted to let him down. To hears these words from …

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