Change can be a difficult part of a person’s life, often quite harrowing. Some may find change to be a good thing. I, on the other hand, find it to be more than former. This great change in my life was when my family was forced to move to a new city when I was fourteen. Not only, was I facing this huge change, but it would also affect me for the rest of my life. When I found out that we were moving, I was distressed. I was going to lose all of my friends. It was part of a new beginning which I wasn’t aware of. This was terrifying. Being the new kid in school is awful and upsetting, and I was not looking forward to it at all.

Moving to Buffalo was very offbeat.Everyone was in their world, and everything felt repetitive. The routines may have been the same in both places but different at the same time. From taking the MTA trains every morning seeing unfamiliar faces heading to their jobs in all parts of the city to taking the same bus every morning with the same faces heading to the same school.

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I have always been a shy person and connecting with new people is a certain issue for me. The day began just like any other day. The ringing of the alarm clock and a quick breakfast that could hardly be called a meal. I was afraid. Being surrounded by unknown masses of people had put me into a fear that I had to endure all alone by myself. This seemed to be the easy answer for me. I was unable to put myself out there. I know now that I missed out on a lot. All I can say is that I learned the negatives of my situation in that period. It took me far too long to realize that was not the best way to view the world. If I tend to look for the negatives first, then there’s no doubt that I would not be looking at the brighter side of change.Following my advice hindered my adaptation to this new environment.It’s easy to hold the grief within yourself but when time passes by you realize that it’s not always easy to hold your emotions. Moving away…

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