My father is a role model to many upcoming entrepreneurs in at our home place. He is also my source of inspiration. An uneducated and unemployed single mother who earned a living from doing house-cleaning jobs raised him. He once told me that his mother never despaired even when they had no food or she could not raise for his school fees. After high school, he did not qualify to join college. However, the low-grade did not deter him from aspiring to advance his education. He began walking five miles back and forth a tourist resort close to his home so that he could learn foreign languages from tourist frequenting the resort. In six months, he came across an entrepreneur that was looking for a self-driven Spanish translator.

The entrepreneur employed him with an attractive salary that he saved every dollar he could spare. He also acquired skills in international trade when he was working for the investor. After two years, he quit his job and established an independent business intended to compete with that of his employer. Although he had a small capital and stock compared to his former employer, he confidently struggled with marketing his business. The business was picking up gradually, but he was still struggling to compete with his former employer. After a year in the business, the law enforcers arrested and charged with an offence of drug trafficking. His company was closed and ceased its entire operations in the country as the business ethics policies demands so (Abourjilie, 2000).

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My father benefited benefitted from his persistence because his employers’ customers allocated their business to him. His main business regulation is “maintaining the highest business ethics possible”. I have seen several competitors venturing into the industry, but they go bankrupt because of failing to supply their customers with goods that do not meet the market standard. I admire his success and honesty policy, so I ensure that everything I do…

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