It was a bright sunny day full of anticipation; over-thinking, fatigue, sweating, confidence, and most importantly, fear. Being a six-foot tall freshman did not help my odds when it came to looking like an officer of the law. Not only was this a big problem, but I was also incredibly shy and not outgoing at all with a lack of work ethic. However, that changed very quickly when I had to take fear and pain and convert it straight into confidence.

In the beginning of the year, I began carpooling with a family friend in which we have been friends with for over thirteen years. The lady who I ended up carpooling with had two kids. She had one daughter who was my sister’s age and one son who was two years older and ahead of me. This lead to my mom and this lady discussing on how we should carpool together to get all the kids home quickly and efficiently leading to me carpooling with her and her son. I would always meet her son at the front of the school after school and there would always be a bay breeze coming in through the golden hills of northern California which is where I lived in a town called Vacaville in between Sacramento and San Francisco. After we would meet we would always hike down to his mom’s car past all the cars and trees. This walk was pretty strenuous. And the heat was no help at all.

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While walking with each other we learned a lot about each other’s’ skills and interests which ended up getting me into wrestling. However one day we were walking and I found out that he was an Explorer/Cadet for the California Highway Patrol. My interests in the subject lead to me learning more and more about the program leading me to join a few weeks later. Hearing about the cool things and competitions that they would attend as well as being the best squad in the state of California.

After finally deciding to show up to a meeting I noticed that this was one of the best decisions of my life.The first two meetings I attending were ba…

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