I believe that your GPA does not determine the type of person you are. I had a GPA of a 2.9 throughout my four years of high school. During those years in high school, my GPA did not get me anywhere. My GPA restricted me in participating in some school activities and trips I wanted to be apart of. My GPA made me feel like I wasn’t good enough and I would not get anywhere in life.

As a formal military school student, I had to deal with being treated differently from others. I use my grades to prove to other that I was better than they were. Academics were a competition on who would score the highest or have the highest class rank, and the winner would get more privileges than others. During formation, my junior counselor announced there were permission slips in the office for the junior’s class college trip. I was excited because it was a college I was thinking about attending. After formation, I went to the counselor’s office to pick up a permission slip. My counselor asked me what was my GPA?And I said 2.9.I could not go because the college recommended students to attend only with a GPA of a 3.0 or better. I was only a junior, and I knew if I worked hard enough I could get the 3.0 before my junior year ended. I felt my counselor didn’t want me to go because she wanted to maintain the reputation of the school. I wanted to call her all types of names, but I knew I had to respect her. I left her office with a disappointed look on my face. I was mad every day I attended school because I didn’t like how student’s walks around the hallways are thinking they better than others because their GPA was higher and how our school gave students with high GPA better privileges.

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I wanted to prove my GPA didn’t define me. I started going to after school study hall for classes I was struggling in. I didn’t attend any school event, and instead, I would go home and study. I would put more effort into my work. If I wasn’t in class …

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