Executive Summary

Moving from one country to another is very tough, nightmares for some people but with globalization, people seek jobs in different parts of the world and moving has become relatively easier than it was in the past. This report will help James Smith, who will work in Pakistan. This report discusses the main problems and facts, which are to be considered before moving to Pakistan. Things like safety and security, customs and religion and political differences are crept into Pakistani society, if one is not aware about them then it can be extremely dangerous and a small mistake by an expatriate can result in a loss of life.

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Cost of Living

Cost of living in Pakistan is very low, especially for expatriates. A report published by Wall Street Journal states that Karachi had been ranked as the cheapest city in the world for the second time.


Housing is relatively cheap. A three bedroom house with three bathrooms, in a city like Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad in a well secured and developed area would cost around ?500 a month. Domestic help and labour is very cheap and easy to find. A part-time maid, who would do almost every house work starting from cleaning, cooking, washing the clothes etc. would cost around ?40 a month.


Utilities are cheap; Gas and water wouldn’t cost you more than ?10- ?12 a month. However, it’s the electricity, which is expensive, in summers it may cost you around ?250 a month. Because there are only few months of the year in which you don’t need AC or a heater. It depends on how you live, if you live in a 3-bedroom house and use 3 ACs at a time then getting an electricity bill of ?200- ?250 a month is normal.


Public transportation in Pakistan is still in a developing stage. Bus is the main source of Public transportation and it’s very cheap but not very efficient and at times it gets very uncomfortable to use a bus and sometimes it may not be safe at all. Althoug…

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