Experiencing different social situations during high school can really shape a person before they reach adulthood. Learning how to handle such situations has made me better people oriented. Bad experiences happen, and they’re bound to happen throughout your life. Either an individual complies with the situation or handle it in their own matter. However, this past experience has really taught me that stating the truth is the best thing to do. I can vividly remember when this previous situation happened, and how I handled it. It was my senior year in highschool. Everyone was just beginning to meet each other in the senior class. There were new faces and old faces. I was just getting comfortable with going to San Jacinto High School; since I previously moved from a charter school the previous semester, of junior year. Overall my first semester at San Jacinto I didn’t speak to much people, so I always tried my best to be super friendly.

As an individual I’m really outgoing and a friendly person. It really helped me a lot my senior year, for the perks or disadvantages. The previous year I barely had any friends since San Jacinto was eight times bigger than my previous school. People were all over the place and it was rare I’d see the same faces unless we had a class together. At the previous year I’d see the same faces every single day. The previous school I attended had less than 200 students, while San Jacinto had about 1500 students. My mission that year while attending San Jacinto High School was to meet as many people as I could, since I was new to the school. It wasn’t hard meeting people at all while attending San Jacinto High School. The previous year I had met a student in my English class junior year by the name of Alexander. Alex was a quirky individual, who sometimes I spoke to before class. Alexander was super nice and kept to himself. He never gave anyone an issue and when he spoke to individuals it was usually abo…

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