Remembering the good times… I remember my friends and I talking to one another, while looking at the sky. We were saying that one day we would be on an airplane, to get our master’s degrees in the United States. It was like a dream came true when my dad came back home from the States, in October 2011. He told us that the time had come to pay my mommy’s wedding dowry. In November 11, 2011, the wedding ceremony was held at my mom’s parent’s residence. After all of that, my dad returned back to the United States. My dad called and told us that he was preparing the United States visas for us to come live with him; we started preparations.

During this period of time, we went on multiple trips, had medical tests, and went on various interviews. I was more than excited knowing I was preparing to leave with my dad, because that was a dream come true. It would make me closer to achieving my goals. In addition, we were given our visas, not knowing if my mom was coming until the following year, which made me really sad. However, I was happy about joining my dad, with my siblings. Back then, in my country, I was a nursing assistant student, and my siblings were high school and elementary school students. On February 26, 2014, my younger brother left for the United States. Then on April 4, 2014, my younger siblings and I came to the United States.

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When we got to the Airport at Dubai. We all had a nice flight. I was mesmerized by the sight of what I saw when we arrived at LAX International Airport. We spent some of our time at the airport, which was cold. What I was wearing was not enough for me to withstand the cold. Although I fell asleep on the way home from the airport, I could not sleep that night because the United States time zone was different from the one I was used to. It was really hard for me to get some sleep for a while; I had to go see the Doctor. He said anxiety was one of the reasons why I didn’t sleep at night. Now, I am …

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