When I was in high school I made a decision during my junior year to quite playing sports and to start making money to take additional weight off of my mother’s shoulders. My mother has always been a single parent of three and I saw how hard it was for her to take care of three girls on her own, and with prom coming up I thought it would be a great idea to take on responsibility of my own and get a job so that my mother wouldn’t have to worry about me as much. When it came down to picking a job my aunt always told me to never just work anywhere, try to work somewhere that would look good on my resume and would give me experience in whatever I decided to get my college degree in.My very first job was working as a personalized living assistant at Holley Court Terrace (Brookdale), even though that specific job is not what the paper is going to be about, I think that it is important to talk about being a personalized living assistant because that job paved the way for me to become a Dining room assistant manager. It was my desire to become a nurse while I was in high school and when I saw that I would be able to gain experience in that field I quickly applied for that job. While working as a personalized living assistant I was able to care for my very own list of seniors. While working with the residents was both very fun and rewarding, I began to become attached with them and witness a few of my patients pass away. Even though this did not pressure me to quite that position it showed me that being a nurse wasn’t something that I wanted to do for the rest of my life because of the emotional attachment that I get when dealing with patients. I’ve been working at Holley Court Terrace for years and think that it is a great company to work for.

While working as a personalized living assistant it allowed me to become familiar with co-workers in every department in the building especially the dining room crew. There were a few resident…

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