A wedding as called as Vivaha in Sanskrit is one of the auspicious and most celebrated events for a Hindu family. The ceremonies are celebrated over a span of two or more days. The ceremonies are very colorful, expensive and celebrated grandly with families and friends. Hindu marriages are one of the oldest forms of traditions, and conducted over many rituals. Each sub cultures in Hinduism celebrate weddings in their own fashion but the underlying traditions remains the same. There is a huge market for weddings, approximately 31 billion is said to be spent every year across approximately 7 million Hindu weddings per year. According to the Hindu traditions, a marriage joins two individuals for life in order to follow the four goals , dharma (duties), artha (possessions), Kama (physical desires), and moksha (ultimate spiritual release) together. Marriages are usually set in two ways: Arranged and love, arranged marriage is a common traditions where families search for the best matches based on many factors and spiritual compatibility whereas love marriage is a more modern approach, where the guy and girl approach their parents. Arranged marriages are very common in India. According to Hinduism there are eight types of marriages, depending on their sub-caste and their associated traditions, they are Brahma also called as the rites of Brahmana, Daiva also called as the rite of Gods, Arsa also called as the rite of the Rishis, Prajapatya also called as the rite of the prajapati or leader, Asura also called as the rite of the Asuras, Gandharva also called as the rites of the gandharva. Rakksash also called as the rite of the Rakshasa and Paisacha also called as the rite of the Pisaka. These eight types are described and enacted from the Manusmriti or so called the laws of Manu. The first four types of marriages are associated with arranged marriage because of the active involvement of parents and they are the decision makers. These marriages …

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