The Savannah wind is brisk, as it blows through the trees that hold the leaves of fall and then let them go and let them settle on the smooth concrete road that hold the cars and the people. The beautiful baby blue sky that is brightened by the rays of the sun, the same sun that sits there in the sky high up where no one can touch,feel,smell, or even listen to see if it has a sound, where no one can hear if it has a voice or to see if it has a soul. My soul has just been lifted by the angels and my life has been put to rest by the father himself. My mom always told me that everybody has an ending in life, but that we have a long time before its gets here. Unfortunately my life did not have a long time until it ended, instead it only lasted about 15 years. The story behind this is here in this journal, some people call it a diary but it is a journal. This journal contains all the joyful, painful, and any other feelings that has happened in my life. Even the moment that has left me laying in my new home that lays under the ground that hold the dirt, animals, and other human beings that will have a more happier life than me.

January 12, 1978

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The wind is not yet blowing, but the sun is not yet shining either. Instead the stars are being lifted by the gravity and the crescent moon that’s glow comes from the sun itself . I have been having a hard time sleeping ever since I received the news, that told me that my father has been sent off into the base in Isis. My dad has been off in the war for a while andit has been hard knowing that he could die at any minute during the war. Since it is just me and my mom at home we are having a hard time paying the bills and everything. I have been trying to help out, but mom says that I don’t need to be helping out and that I need to be focusing on my education. My mom has had a hard time earning money for us and that is mainly because she has been so worried about dad that SHE hasn’t been focusing o…

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