It was a beautiful sunny day when I decided to go for a picnic with my friends to the park. We were a five-people group of friends who used to hung out together a lot but one of us was going to move to another city so it was one of the last days that we got to spend with her. All of us were very upset because of the fact that she was leaving and we wanted to take as many pictures as we could when she was still there. I really liked hanging out with my friends, we could just sit around the whole day doing nothing but talk about all stuffs we could think of. It was a beautiful day at the park. The blue lilies were in full bloom. The bushes and the wind chime trees creating music in the area was a beautiful sight to watch. There were a lot of people who also went for a picnic like us. The weather was perfect: although the sun was shining bright, there were light breezes brushing against my skin which felt really nice. We managed to find a nice spot and settled down for a while. Every one of us brought our own foods that we had prepared from home. I brought a lot of fruits and sandwiches since they were my favorites when it came to picnics. We all shared our food together and I ate quite a lot. We had an exhilarating time enjoying ourselves, eating, talking and laughing.

After we were done eating, we got up for and went around finding the perfect background for the pictures we were going to take later. We found an absolutely gorgeous flower wall and ended up taking a bunch of pictures.After we were done, I handed the camera back to Ciara. To everyone’s surprise, she tossed the camera right into the trash.

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I was really confused and upset at the same time. I could not help but yelled at her: “What do you think you’re doing? Don’t you know that we would not have the chance to take any more photos of all five of us together after this?” Ciara then explained to me that it was a disposable camera which meant you just throw it away a…

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