Every single day brings out a new excitement, a new hope, or a new shock. The 16th of October, 2015 was the most unforgettable day of my life. That day life stole away the most precious treausure of my life: my mother. The lady who had sacrificed every single thing for my sake, the lady who I loved the most, the lady I respected the most, my best friend she was. The details of the day are engraved so deep on my heart that whenever I think of that day, my eyes burst into tears.

Those were days of Moharram, 4th Moharram it was, she was in a coma. I woke up at right 8 am and as per my habit went into her room wishing that today she will react, today she will wake up and say `GURYA`. I made her food for that day, prepared her milk and went to feed her, normally she used to spit out the food but that day she swallowed it, bringing a hope that she is recovering. As they were days of Moharram, I switched on my laptop and listened to the holy sermon and also made mummy listen to it. She reacted on Imam Hussain AS name which brought out another hope of recovery. I could hear her talking to somebody, not in a clear voice but she was saying that “I`m coming”. Then as the waaz ended, I again fed her and she ate it completely. I then went to masjid for Niyaz. While returning back from masjid, I felt in my heart that today my mother is going to be relaxed, she will recover from all the pains, that walk to home was a bit longer. I along with my mami unlocked the door and went inside. Then what I saw was something I could not even imagine, I saw my mother`s mouth foaming, the first symptom of death. My mami loudly said INNA LILLAHE VAINA ILLAHE RAJEON. I could not really understand anything, while the door bell rang, it was my father along with the doctor. The doctor came in and checked my mother for almost 10 mins and then gave the most heart breaking news that “MY MOTHER IS NO MORE”. He said it too clear taht now I don`t have a best friend who I can…

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