Gift giving is always something I struggle with. If I have a friend’s birthday coming up, I always run through a series of questions: “What do they like? What don’t they have? What gift would be a good fit for their personality? Does this gift look too cheap? Does it look too expensive? Am I trying too hard? Not trying hard enough?” I always agonize over this process. Recently, for example, I bought a friend a wedding present from their gift registry that was within my budget, and even that had me stressed out because I was worried I bought something that didn’t perfectly reflect our friendship. As a result, I am always impressed when I receive good gifts from friends that are thoughtful, the right price, and suit my tastes and personality. One of the best examples of this is the handmade necklace I received from my friend Kristine.

The necklace my friend Kristine made me is a very tasteful piece of jewelry that I frequently get compliments on. It features a light turquoise stone as the pendant, and it bordered by silver. The chain part of the necklace is not very long, and is made up of very small black beads spaced by silver beads. The necklace’s uniqueness and aesthetic is only one part of what makes it so special to me: the real specialness of this necklace comes from.

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This necklace was a Christmas gift that I received several years ago at a cookie-decorating party. When I opened the gift, I immediately loved it. This gift is special to me not only because the giver was a good friend of mine, but also because she hand-made it for me. I can tell she put a lot of thought into it. For instance, turquoise is my birthstone. However, Kristine did not use a traditional turquoise stone. Instead she used one that was lighter in color, which I thought was perfect. I preferred the lighter color, and I think it showed creativity that Kristine didn’t just go with the expected stone color for the pendant. I think that one reason I …

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