In today’s ideals to be in a happy relationship or marriage two people must share similarities. Which is probably true according to the psych class I took my first semester of college, the meaning of happiness is finding something you like and doing it over and over again. My parents have been married for about 30 years and they seem to be pretty happy with each other. They rarely have any conflict against each other even though their slightly different from each other. They’re different and how they physically look, their past and their roles in the family are different.

My parents are both Vietnamese.But, their physical appearances are obviously different my father’s skin tone is a lot darker than my mothers. My father is about five foot and five inches, which is average height for a man according to most people. His hair color currently is now more white than black. My father I think is about a decade older than my mom all my friends and teachers that see him thinks he is my grandfather. He only tends to wear glasses when he’s reading. Also he has a slight beer belly. My father was a Ranger that fought during the Vietnam War. That could explain why is so dark and has, accumulated a lot of sunspots on his face. Other than that, I don’t really know much about his past. He doesn’t really talk about it, unless he randomly meets one of his war buddy on the street then they would talk for what felt like hours back when I was still in Elementary School. Lately he hasn’t been running into any one of them but when he used to I was too young and ignorant to understand anything they were talking about.

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My mother on the other hand she has a lot more pale or more pinkish skin tone. Now that I think about it my mom has the lightest skin tone in the whole family. My mother is about five feet five inches difference from my father. Unlike my father my mother wears glasses all the time. She is a lot Slimmer than my father. I remember my mother menti…

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