I find this article very similar to my situation. Right now, I can’t say that I’m really exultant in this profession. I’m not even bedazzled whenever I come to school. Often times I ask myself, “Am I really FOR this profession? Will I be able to survive my first year of teaching?? Is this something I’ll do for decades? Am I at the right path?” I do really have inquisitive and questioning mind every time I encounter problems or nerve-wracking things to accomplish.

Teaching has never been easy for me. It’s not easy to pretend that you’re okay even when you’re really not. No wonder they say, “Teachers are the best actors.” However, when I see my students nodding their heads at the comprehension of topics, I feel it’s worth staying in this profession. Thus, I feel that there is a sense of accomplishment. When pupils come and greet “Hi teacher” the feeling is invaluable.

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Being able to touch the lives of youths is what I want to do for many years. Leaving a good legacy on them will be gratifying. As I aged, I want to see these young individuals become matured people, meeting me one day saying, “Hey! That was my favorite Science teacher when I was in elementary”. I want to be remembered by my students not only because once in their life, they became my students and I became their teacher but because in some ways, I was able to help them achieve something good.

Nevertheless, I am trying to convince myself that I am really destined to be in this profession. Once I attended a seminar, a speaker told us, “If you aren’t happy in this profession, you step out of it because you will just be wasting your time and energy.” That struck me because I knew that statement was intended for me. I think it happened on a purpose to wake me up from reality and figure out what I want to do. Yet, when I think of the sacrifices of my parents, I always think of staying and pursuing this profession. Hopefully, in the coming …

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