In a person’s life, there are many challenges that would curve or change his/ her personality or behavior. Moreover, that change could be negative, positive, or even both. Also, that change is called a turning point. Obviously, it defers from one person to another. Nevertheless, when thinking about a changing point that rocked my world that point would be me attending university.

First of all, it all started when I was in elementary school. Back then, I wasn’t really into studying. I was late on homework, assignments, and I didn’t even study for tests. Moreover, that was my attitude though high school too. Then, I noticed my little brother catching up to me because a failed eleventh grade twice. After that, I realized that he is in my class. Although I knew the reason, I was completely shocked. I was terribly embarrassed from myself. In addition, I asked the councilor to change the classroom, so we will not be in the same class. Unfortunately, that didn’t do any good. He was on his way to university.

Secondly, I disappointed my family. They did everything they could to give me the best education anyone could ask for. And I repaid them by failure. Every day, my father would come to me and say, “Sonwhere did I go wrong?” my reply was to stand speechless in front of him. I couldn’t bear to look into his eyes. Because I knew it was my fault. Sometimes, I hear people talking, and putting me as an example of stupidity. At that point, I almost hated the existence of my little brother. Because he is the one who should be looking up to me, not the other way around. At night, I started to have nightmares. My little brother was hunting me even in my sleep. Because of my malfunction, I lost many friends. They saw my problem as a contagious virus. However, I found some new friends who almost shared the same problem. At first, I thought that they might help me with my misery, but in fact, they were just making my problem worse.

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