“I don’t like them many, they look like skinny, selfish, insecure copies of Barbies with a pretty face, but without a brain.” That’s what I used to say to my mom everytime she asked me why I never brought friends to home. Since I was a little girl I’ve never been as friendly as most of the girls are in my school. I have always been the loner who never wants to make new friends. I always thought that I’ll never have a single friend, but destiny can be quite ironic because now I just don’t have one friend, I have two in the same package. Doris and Olga are two girls who were born on the same day and came from the same belly- twins. Doris and Olga have been the only girls that I ever considered my true friends, and even though they are twins, they differ in the way they think, the way they spend their money and the way they give me advice.

The first difference between Doris and Olga is their age and the way they think, but wait a moment, how is it possible that they have different ages if they are twins? Well, let’s say that they don’t have a huge difference between their ages, yet let me clarify that Doris is proud to be nineteen years with 8 seconds older than Olga is. Doris is a grumpy and straightforward girl who is never scared to say things like they are. Doris is the kind of girl who doesn’t believe in trends; she thinks that they are another sexist way to treat women as changing objects. She also never wears makeup because she believes that women were already born with a unique beauty. On the other hand, there’s Olga, who is cheerful and more like the kind of girl who takes all the attention everytime she walks into any room. Her real color of eyes is brown just like Doris, but she uses contact lenses. Olga always wears make up and painted nails because she claims that her body is a sanctuary that deserves to be adored in every type of way.

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Another aspect differing Doris and Olga is the way they spend their m…

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