I started out with two goals: an academic goal and a personal goal. My academic goal was to do well in school and to give a good impression on my teachers. My personal goal was to make many new friends as well as stay with my old friends. Every week, I noted what steps I took to reach my goal, what I can improve next week to reach my goal, and what hindered me from taking steps to reach my goal. The question comes down to, was I able to reach my goal? If so, how was I able to do so?

To achieve my academic goal, I had to sacrifice some extra time at home to do my homework. Twenty minutes a day turned to an hour a day. Eventually, I had no free time left. That was one of the biggest steps that I had to take to reach my academic goal. The second step to achieving my goal was to stop my procrastinating. That was one of the most difficult steps that I had to take. Even till today, I still procrastinate sometimes. However, I put it aside enough so that I could accomplish my goal. The final step to achieving my goal was to make good grades. Making good grades were the most important step in reaching my goal. I think that was what made a lasting impression on some of my teachers. All those steps helped me because it shaped me into a better student. Being a better student, I think a good impression was made on my teachers enough so that they’ll remember me even when I’m gone.

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To achieve my personal goal, I had to break down my walls that I spent years building. Although it was difficult, I think this was a necessary step. This step was what helped me to trust my new friends and also to get closer to my old friends. The second step to achieving my goal was to be nicer. This was very hard because my personality is very short-tempered and somewhat mean. So I had to learn to keep my temper patient and to be kinder to others. Because of my change in attitude, I think that’s what attracted some of my new friends to me. The final step in reach…

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