My life has been changed since 7th March 2012, because that’s the first day I stepped my feet on the land of the United States. Yes, I was an immigrant from China to the United Stated back at that time. And I still am. Even though I was new in the United Stated, I don’t feel strangeness in this new place at all. In San Francisco, it’s a city with different races of people who come from all over the world. However, I didn’t consider myself as an outsider at all in this new city.

I’ve been told that San Francisco was with large population of immigrant as other big cities, like New York City and Boston. Not only Chinese, but also other foreign countries like Mexico. I still remember that how I see this city when I just got here. When I was walking around in the streets of San Francisco, I discovered that it was a city combined with restaurants which opened by different races of people. Among all of these restaurants, I liked Mexican food the most. Also the first meal that I have had in San Francisco was Mexican food. Tacos are made with a corn or wheat tortilla folded with vegetables, beef, pork, seafood and cheese. More and more people would like to learn about cooking Mexican food. A place like San Francisco which is combined many cultures, I learned a lot in this city.

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Before I moved to the United Stated, I’ve never seen an African-American in real person. But African-American are everywhere in the United Stated in nowadays. There is a video online which is about a white guy and a black woman fighting for a seat in a moving bus. In the video, we know that was the black woman’s fault by hitting the white guy’s face. Many people consider black people are not with enough manner. But not all of the African-American are considered not to be polite or good enough. In “How Black is Black Enough” by Leonard Pitts Jr. was sampling about the rappers like LL Cool J and 50 Cent. Many black people may not good enough, but we c…

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