School life is one of great experience almost everyone has once in their youth. During this epoch, they go through a lot of experiences, good and bad, gather memories, treasure, and cherish them for the rest of their lives. During my school life, I had a wonderful experience which I hold dear and still enjoy as if it happened yesterday. It dates to 2005, I was eleven years old and recently moved from my hometown, Kot-samba to Rahim Yar Khan. It is a nice city with better infrastructure, developed hospitals, and exceptional schools than my hometown which is rather small, resident to about a thousand people. I believe everyone has their feelings when they move to a new place but mine was close to unhappiness and sorrow.

I was admitted to a new school named, Army Public School and College System. On the first day of orientation, I was informed about the upcoming events and competitions being held at the School. They were organizing an event called Craft-It. The students were to make miniature models which were then exhibited and scored by the judges. The winners would be awarded a prize trophy. I’ve always been interested in such creative events, and I guess that is why I registered my name for the event.

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The idea was to use creativity as a tool and innovate something remarkable before the deadline. I remember the only two days I had for preparation, got me thinking of giving up.As every cloud has a silver lining, I began working on my idea.

I consulted my family, teachers, and friends, for a diversity of ideas and different perceptions combined in a masterpiece is what I was aiming for. One of the ideas was to make townhouses in-front of a freeway and install LED lights, powered by a dynamo, inside the mini townhouses and assemble them with a set of gears attached to a manual operated hand-wheel to power the LED light. Time was running short and there was so much at hand. I chose to create a landscape design, demonstrating different …

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