Ever since I remember my parents have been nothing but honest with me concerning my adoption. There are a lot of children where their parents weren’t as open. A lot of children didn’t even know they were adopted until they figure it out or an incident happens where the parents have to tell them. Being adopted is nothing to be ashamed about, but I realize that not all children are as lucky as I was. I’m glad how my life is turning out and I owe it all to be adopted. I am Indian as in from India and over there they are very strict. They are very strict in the sense of power over women, men have more than a lot of power over women.Most women have to be married in order to have children if a woman is not married and has a child, and society finds out about it that woman could possibly be killed.

Another thing in India is that men only like baby boys, if you have a baby girl they will want to kill the baby or it will be put up for adoption right away. Another girl I know was almost beaten to death inside her mom’s belly.Her mom’s brothers and some other people beat at her mom’s belly hoping to about the baby just because it was a girl.Luckily the mom and baby survived but that just shows how strict and powerful men are.

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In my case my mom was unmarried and pregnant with a girl, which is a double no.there is places that women can go to in India where they can have their baby privately and no one will fine. Its pretty much a little shack or shed in some cases these places are hooked onto the actual orphanage.That’s what my mom went out to do, she had her baby, she got to give me a name and only saw me for a few seconds before they took me to a nearby orphanage.My mom was then fixed up and continued the rest of her life.I was up for adoption and my mom got to go home.

A lot of people think that people give up their kids because they don’t want them, or that they became an inconvenient to them. In my situatio…

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