Yes, I believe that sharing one’s own story is important because they can contain certain experiences that can benefit others. Such as younger people or others that have taken a similar route in life as we did. And seek, on how we did handled obstacles that we have faced. Although there is another reason why I see the importance of sharing our life’s story. Not only does it have the potential to enlighten someone, but what makes much more important is for the simple fact that it helps those that are close to us to remember who we were. Friends, Family, these are the people that make sharing our story important. Not to make it as bragging for what we accomplished in life, it is just a sense of appreciation for us telling it. To show them the feats we had overcome in our time of existence and from that we hope that it inspires someone to become better than who we were.

For the most part, I believe myself to be someone who began life as an introvert and slowly but surely is beginning to go forth as an extrovert. This is something very important to me for it’s something that holds me back. Once I know that I can overcome certain aspects in a social setting then there will be fewer things that can get in my way. A thought that pushes me forward is my name, I never really thought much of my name. For the most part it has multiple meanings, meanings that are just generic which is why I take it upon myself to create a title for my name that will really define. Which is what inspires me to do better in school, after graduating high school, well barely graduating high school. Life just smacked me into reality and from there on I began to dedicate more time to work because one of my goal is to become an example that anything is possible in life if anyone is willing to put in the time. I’ve grown to believe that the choices I made in the past whether if they were good or bad contributed to set me in a path of success. However, even if I encounter…

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