My name is Anne Elyse Davalos. I was born in November of 1997, in Quito, Ecuador but have lived in the United States for the majority of my life. I was born under the Sagittarius zodiac sign. The most notable characteristic of a Sagittarius person is their free-spirited nature, which emphasizes desire to constantly travel. I am an adventurous person, so whether it involves hiking or exploring big cities – I constantly seek adventure and travel as often as I am given the opportunity. I’m a huge admirer of art, whether it is expressed through music, film, photography, fashion, fine art, or writing.

My interests include a combination of modern and older artistry, but mainly revolve around older generations of artists and music. I enjoy researching high-profile people and their backgrounds, in search of influence and motivation in my daily life. A passion of mine is exploring foreign cultures, specifically the languages, lifestyles, and societies. I speak English and Spanish fluently, I studied advanced Italian for four years, and I am able to read moderately well in Portuguese and French. During my junior year in high school, I suddenly found myself fighting an ongoing battle, as I resisted conforming to the bad habits and lifestyles of people my age, in my surrounding environment. I became very emotionally distant and careless of my surroundings during this time period, resulting in loss of any desire to socialize and lack in motivation to continue to do well in school. One day, by the fault of my father who was playing a beautiful song, I discovered an internationally renowned singer, Celine Dion. Developing an admiration for Celine’s work ethic, energy, positive attitude and numerous other things – my spirits were eventually rejuvenated. I was genuinely most taken by the diversity of her fans, people of all races and all ages, and their life stories of battling hardships, following Celine’s role in helping them overcome their tro…

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