What would a twenty-year-old single mother of one little four-year-old boy do when their lives take an unexpected turn. I remember it like it was yesterday. It was an early foggy morning in Lufkin Texas. I was awakened by loud yelling and dishes crashing to the floor. I could hear my mother and Grandfather Robert fighting. The heated conversation was muffled by the trailer home walls and still do not know what the conflict was about.

As I slinked through the hall to scope out what was happening, I see my mom running from my Grandfather who was chasing her with a knife. I couldn’t seem to get their attention until I stepped between them. At this point my Grandfather was ready to storm out the door, and so he did. “Why?” seemed to be the only thing I could gather from my mother’s frantic screaming. Marry was young and afraid, which is to be expected from a single mom with no help from her family or friends.

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As I recall Marry and I lived in many places. It seemed like we were always moving always running to a new place when things got unbearable. When we would move my mom would homeschool me and at one point I just changed public schools a lot. I became a child in an unstable environment which became an everyday normal. My grandfather Robert would always show up in the town we lived in.

Marry and her father always would make things right between them like Simi-normal families should. I recall a day my grandfather asked my mother if we wanted to move to Denver Colorado. My mother wanted to travel like my grandfather, never settling down in one place for more than a year. Soon my grandmother came back into the picture, and it made my mother and I very happy. Robert was thrilled with my grandmother Deborah returning to our family. I have never asked why she want around, but it didn’t matter we loved her despite it all.

Two years later we had moved back to Lufkin Texas were my grandfather started a sign painting business that caug…

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