Childhood memories are a large and meaningful part which everybody has some in our lives. Some memories can be pleasant, but some are sad. In my case, among various memories from my childhood, I have a memory which relates to my current best friend. That is a memory which I will never forget because it not only brings me an awesome friendship, but also leaves me many valuable experiences about the relationship between me and my friends.

When I was a sixth grade student, I had a best friend is Kim. She is a new student who just had moved to my school. My teacher arranged her to sit next to me. Contrary to my shyness, Kim is a friendly and outgoing person. That is the reason why at the first time we met, she was the one who start talking and telling me about herself, her family and tons of thing about her life as though we have known each other for a long time. Thank to her friendly character, we soon became sworn friends and always being together in all school activities. I had ever though there is nothing can change our friendship until one day, there was an incident made us got angry and did not want to see each other again.

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That problem happened at the day we had a History test.For some reasons, the night before that day, I had not studied and repaired anything for the test.That’s why I felt very nervous and did not know how to complete my test.Then, I turned to Kim and ask, “Hey, did you study anything for the test? “ She said, “of course, I am ready”. I breathed a sigh of relief and thought to myself that I can count on Kim and she will help me for sure because we are best friend. However, it was contrary to my expectation. Kim finished her test but she refused to help me although I asked her for many time. At that time, I feel very angry and socked. I was angry both her and myself because I did not know how can I make friend with such a selfish person like that. From that day, we saw each other as strangers. I tol…

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