Last year, I won a competition and the prize was a vacation to the U.S.A. I felt so excited because I had been looking forward to America for so long and that was also the first time I had traveled to another country. And what made my trip more interesting and romantic was I could go along with my boyfriend, Mark. After having dealt with some necessary legal paper process, Mark and I headed off by the next day. I had some friends who lived in New York, so when they had heard the news, they immediately called and offered to pick us up at the airport and see us off after the trip which was very kind of them. They also volunteered to show us around the city but I skillfully turned them down because I wanted to spend some quality time being with Mark and he also came along with me on this issue. They agreed with us but with one condition that we promised to send off all postcards and souvenirs after the trip. This time I couldn’t say no.

The plane took off at 5p.m.During the flight, I sometimes dozed off with my head on Mark’s shoulder, or sometimes I talked with him to forget the dragging time but suddenly I broke off and threw up all the food that I had eaten on board on his T-shirt due to my airsickness. But Mark was a great thoughtful man and always was by my side whenever I needed him. He showed the understanding and gentleness for my first air experience. I really appreciated that and all of a sudden feeling how lucky I was that I had him in my life. After seventeen hours flying, we finally landed at the local airport and ran off to the luxury hotel which was included in the prize by taxi. Everything seemed perfect from outside to inside until we got a problem with one of the receptionists in front. Her behavior was so off-putting and became over-reacting when I asked her if we could change the room that was able to overlook the sea and asked the bellman to carry our suitcases to the room for us. She tended to look down on people wh…

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