I was going through the daily stresses of being a teenager. It was one of those bad days where it seems like everything goes wrong. You lose your textbook, you fail a test, and you get in a little fight with your best friend, things like that. When I got home, all I cared about was me and my problems.

My mom got home from work where she helps out at an elementary school. What my mom told my family at dinner really made me think that day. “Everyone, you’re not going to believe what happened to me at work today,” my mom said. She talked out the whole conversation, just like this:

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A little girl went up to her in the lunch line. “How are you?” she said.

“I’m fine, but what’s wrong, sweetie?”

“Oh, my daddy died yesterday. He was at a store and got shot there.”

The whole dinner table was speechless when my mom was finished. This girl was in about first grade, and probably didn’t even really understand what was going on. I felt so bad for the little girl, and so did my mom.

After dinner, I went on the computer and I talked to my friend Robyn. We were in a normal conversation when suddenly she asked me if I knew about the girl with cancer that died 3 days ago at her school. I had never even heard about it. Robyn told me how the girl still went to school even though she only had 6 weeks to live.

Imagine knowing that your wonderful life could be taken away from you in a matter of weeks. Cancer is probably one of the worst sicknesses to have, especially if you know you are going to die because of it.

Robyn told me how they had prom early just for her because she really wanted to attend. It just seemed so sad. I wonder what I was doing the second that she died. I know I did not know her at all, but any death makes me think, and how what if it happened to me?

On top of all of this, my friend told me that both of her parents lost their jobs. We doubt that they will move because they will find other jobs where we live. I hope. But it is so sad how the…

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