As I gasp for air with his hands around my throat, I’m thinking to myself, “this is it, He’s going to kill me.” Finally he stops choking me. My children’s father named Herman was a very violent man. I finally left after ten years of abuse. This is how my story ended with Herman, how it began is a whole other story but I am going to tell you how I fell in love with a man that was so handsome in every way to me became a man you I thought was going to be the one who killed me. “It is seeing which establishes our place in the surrounding world; we explain that world with words, but words can never undo the fact that we are surrounded by it”

My mom moved to Philadelphia with me and my brother and nowhere to go. She followed her loser husband that was in prison. The preacher that preached at the prison took us in. He was Herman’s uncle and that’s how i met Herman. I went to a family dinner one Sunday after church and that is where I first set my eyes on him. I attracted me to him was that he was different, he was a white albino. As I talked to him that night we exchanged numbers, a little while after that we began dating. I was about thirteen years old. I was pregnant with my first child at fourteen and I had her at fifteen years old.

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The abuse started after I had my fist child named Teressa. It was just verbal abuse and it increased to physical abuse after I had second child named Antoine. Being ateen mom was very hard. I quit school after completing the eighth grade. I had no source of income. I solely relied on Herman. I can remember an incident when he ran with both of my children. As he was running I was chasing him screaming and crying for him to give me my children back. He was quickly approaching the bridge that goes from New Jersey to Philly. I called 911 and told about the abuse and they surrounded him and arrested him. I left with my children and moved to Latrobe, Pa. With my grandparents.

Over the years, I went back a…

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