The gift that gave me joy was found deep beneath the earth’s surface. The flow of resourceful geological formations could be known as nature’s free gift to man, but a price was always paid. This gift was resourceful in the factories and aided fast manufacturing of digital products. Digital machines like cars, helicopter, and electrical appliances helped and acted as reinforcements to man’s living on earth. Never would I have imagined natures blessings to Nigeria to be a justification for an environmental blunder such as toxic waste, land pollution, disaster, and a cultural dissolution.

Growing up in a green land, an environment that tills productive soil, reminds me of the time when men would get up at the crow of the morning, agile and happy to explore the land’s fruitfulness. The local government area of Ikwerre was a town known for its seasonal celebration of various feasts, and peace was a hallmark of fame in the community. During the fishing festival, my parents and I would take a flight down to the local government area of Ikwerre. It was a land of high agricultural wealth, with the cultivation of both food and cash crops, such as beans, ground-nuts, palm oil, maize, cassava, cashew nuts, gum Arabic, kola-nuts, millets, etc. I always felt welcomed in Ikwerre, ate a lot of different fish, and participated in an atmosphere of peaceful celebration.

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On the month of January,1956, oil was discovered in Oloibiri, in the Niger-delta region of Nigeria. After several years, the state could go into oil trade with the rest of the world, which had a positive effect on the country’s economy, but there was a price for this gift. Years had passed as the world revolved, and the earth became more digital. Nations competed for world recognition and power, and a statue of economic complexity was initiated. Here, countries did not just buy and sell natural resources, but were ranked based on their potency and the availability of their resou…

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