My basketball career started when I was only 3 years old. When I got a basketball and a plastic basketball goal. I didn’t have a clue how to play basketball or what the game was. All I knew was that you were supposed to throw the ball at the basketball goal. The only reason I knew that, was because I saw my dad doing it. I tried to shoot it and the ball didn’t even make it to the rim. My dad came and picked me up and helped me dunk it. I got excited and told him to do it again.

When I turned 5 years old my dad signed me up for the Cheraw recreational small fry basketball team. I was nervous when I had games because of all the people that were there watching me play. One thing my dad told me one time that stuck with me for the rest of my life was “try to win but always remember to have fun.” My small fry team ended up winning all of our games. We were the youngest and the only team to win all of our games. My dad and the rest of my family threw me a surprise party when i got home from the awards ceremony.

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When i was six years old my dad finally went and got me a real basketball goal that was nine feet tall. I was so excited, i couldn’t wait to start practice in it. My dad asked me “do you like it and are you ready for what’s coming.” “I responded by saying yes and I’m going to give it my all” from that point forward it was on.

From age 7-10 my dad would take me outside and practice with me. My dad would have me do layups until i couldn’t run any more, then he would have me shoot jumpers until i could barely feel my fingertips. He would also make me play defense until I could steal the ball against any dribble move that he could have possibly done, or until i was able to block every possible shot my dad could shoot. My dad would then put leg weights on my legs and make me run until I was fast enough to stop every possible fast break. My dad would end it all off by banging frying pans in my ears while making me s…

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