Becoming a mother at the age of twenty was most definitely not in my plans. Being a new mother was a learning experience like no other. The moment I had my son, I made a promise to myself and my child that I would be the best mother that I can be. The instant connection between a mother and child is priceless; it was true love at first sight. Having another life that depend on you can somewhat be a scary feeling, but for me it was all the motivation that I needed.

First, the way that I found out I was pregnant was not the usual happy story. It was late August of 2007. My son’s father (Jerrayd) and I went to the Health Department for my annual check-up. As we sat in the cold and dim building, we watched the shows on the television. After waiting for almost an hour, I was finally called to the back. As I stood up to walk, something all of a sudden started to feel weird. I sat in the chair and answered all but one question the nurse asked. She had asked, when was my last menstrual cycle? I really hadn’t thought about it until then. I just figured it was late because this wasn’t the first time it had been off track. She decided to give me a pregnancy test and of course, it came back positive. I was so shocked and speechless. I walked out the room to meet Jerrayd with a piece of paper in my hand that the nurse had given me. When we got to the car, he asked what was on it. I handed him the paper and as he read it, we both burst into tears. We were both young with our lives ahead of us, and at that very moment, out entire lives had changed. It was a bittersweet for the both of us. We talked, hugged, and decided to consider this as a blessing. When he dropped me off at home, fear entered my body as I suddenly thought about how I had to deliver this pregnancy news to my mom. At first she was not too happy about it, but as time went by, she became happy and excited about her grandchild.

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In addition, I can honestly say that I had a pretty…

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