What does becoming an adult mean? Is it turning eighteen and being able to vote and go to war? Is it moving out of your parents house? I often thought about this question as i soon will be out on my own at college with no mom to look after me . For some people it may be a gradual transition, but for me it was one event that made me realize what it means to me to be an adult .

The event that changed my life was when my mom told that Mason, the eight year old boy I babysit, suffered the sudden passing of his father. When I heard the news my chest knotted up, because I knew too well what he was going through, having lost my father, brother, and grandfather in a boating crash as a young boy. My Mom then told me that masons grandma and family, “were counting on me to help him through this”. When i heard this I instantly knew that I needed to help. Yet, how could they be counting on me, a seventeen year old kid, to make an impact in Mason’s life. I did not know where to begin so I searched the one place where I have found all my other answers in life, the internet. Still there was no good answer. So now since the entire accumulation of mankind’s knowledge couldnt give me a answer, I would just have to come up with one on my own.

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The next day I was still clueless. I then drove to pick up Mason expecting it to be very different from our normal days together, being only a day after his father’s passing. I picked up Mason, but to my surprise he was the same old kid as always. He came out all excited about his new Stephen Curry basketball shoes and wanted to try and beat me in a game of one on one basketball which he made sure I didn’t let him win. It reminded me of myself back in my elementary school days trying to hang with all the high schoolers in my neighborhood. Sadly I remembered though that I soon had to ruin the mood and try talk about what happened. It was scary because I didn’t know what to say; it was just me and Mason. Nobody ha…

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