At one point or another in our childhood or even teenage years we often complain about how our parents are raising us. Seldom we make comments such as, “When I have kids I willinstead of” or “My kids will be able to”. We all have a different view on how a parent or guardian should act towards its child. My personal take of being the ideal parent is being able to provide his/her physical, social and emotional needs and instill a few beliefs and values.

First and foremost is my child’s physical needs. During their childhood, I will teach them what are the nutritious and unhealthy foods to eat because it is every parent’s goal for their child to live a long healthy life. I do not want to be the kind of parent that is too strict about what my child eats and having to listen to my relatives judgements such as, “Oh she probably does not feed him/her well that’s why he/she’s skinny” or “Do not feed him/her that before the parent gets mad at us”. Nevertheless, I want my child to also understand that eating an abundance of unhealthy food is not good for their body and that they should intake limited amounts of it depending on how unhealthy it is for them. Sports is another concept that I want to engage my child in – whether it be basketball, volleyball or soccer. I want them to comprehend that besides eating healthy, they must learn how to exercise their body as well. Along with this, I will not force him/her to do a specific type of sport or activity, such as playing an instrument, for the rest of their life. It is not right for me to control or shape the way their life should be and to take away their freedom when it comes to life decisions but rather to guide them to become the person they were destined to be.

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Second is a few ground rules that my children must obey. I want my child to prioritize school first. Some teens nowadays are already in relationships and I will be the kind of parent that does not allow my…

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