Education to me is a valuable resource that everyone should take very seriously. When you have the right type of education almost anything is possible if you just assert yourself. Over the past eighteen years of my life I have lived in a large variety of places, every time learning more and more about different cultures and languages. Due to the military, my family and I were forced to move around a lot and in the beginning, all I wanted was to stay put and not change schools all the time. Now when I look back on everything I have been able to do due to the military, I wouldn’t trade it for the world, and in my opinion, being a military brat has made me the person who I am today.

I have lived in an overseas community with the military for the past eight years. This has given me the opportunity to learn two new languages. I moved to Germany when I was ten years old and was directly put in a German school. There I interacted with the local children of the area by joining a German soccer team which helped with my German language skills even though I sometimes mixed up my English words with German words when I spoke. They pushed me to learn the language so that I would be able to communicate better, teaching me key phrases and words that would help me get by.

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After the seventh grade I changed schools and was put in a Gymnasium in the local city about a half an hour away. In German school they rank their schools in three levels. The first is a hauptschule, which is the lowest level, then realschule and last gymnasium. There you have the ability to receive your Abitur after the thirteenth grade. This is equivalent to your high school education along with your freshman year of college. There I not only improved my German but studied French and by the time I graduated the 10th grade I was able to have conversations in both German and French without any problems. Upon graduating from the tenth grade I realized that my grades in German school…

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