There was war during the year of 2005 in Republic Democratic of Congo where I was living in the past five years.The country was not in peace. I asked my parent if we could move to another country. My parents were afraid to travel anywhere. They told me that it is not easy to adapt to a new culture, new traditions or a new language. I had a long conversation with them and I made them understand that we could be a party to innovation. We would not have to reject our traditions, but we should be willing to adapt to changing circumstances, in order to achieve a better future, we must be willing to suffer the discomfort of change. I thought about coming in America to get a better education but I did not know if it were possible to get that education without speaking English. Can we truly be bilinguals? I have decided to do some digging to find out.

In the late 1900s, Agar Michael the linguistic anthropology from the language-Behavior Research laboratory at the University of California published a book named Language Shock: Understanding the Culture of Conversation. According to the book, the language that you grow up with is not a prison ;( Agar 68) it is a room you are comfortable with, that you know how to move around without problem. You know that the dress shirts are next to the socks in the third drawer down. However, familiarity does not mean you can ever exist in a different room. It does mean it will take a while to figure it out because it is not what you are used to. According to Agar in the Language Shock, language is the familiar room, the usual way of seeing the world and talking about it. Your language lays down habitual pattern of seeing, thinking, and talking when you learn its grammar and vocabulary. Nevertheless, that does not have to be a prison. (Agar 68) people do translate and bilingual do exist (Agar 69). True, perfection translation and perfect bilingual might be difficult. The lack of perfection does not mean the …

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