Transitioning to a higher level of education is never an easy thing. Throughout my years of school, the hardest transition for me was going from middle school to high school. I slacked of basically all throughout my four years and me never really got used to the swing of high school. I want to be able to do better in college than I did in high school so that I can get more financial opportunities. I can achieve my goal by taking a few extra steps and putting in a little bit more effort.

Throughout high school, I wasn’t all that serious about classes because of the way shows and movies would showcase high school on television. I felt that if I were a slacker, I would be cool and fit in with the popular crowd. For the most part, I did enough work to get a passing grade in my classes. Some classes were easy A’s but others I tended to struggle in so I just did what I had to do. I thought I was doing fine until close to the ending of senior when my English teacher told me that I would need to get an 80 or above on the final to be able to pass the class for the year. That is when it all hit me that whatever I was doing for the past three years wasn’t going to help me in this case. From that day, I vowed to myself that I was going start putting in work and when I get to college that I was going to change my ways.

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All throughout high school, my mother told me to stay after school and ask my teachers for help or go to the library to study but I never bothered to do either, and that didn’t turn out well for me. This time, I plan on using all the available resources that there is offered here. Resources like the tutoring center and the professors’ office hours are the two that I’ve started to use. I find them very useful so I know that giving up some of my free time to go to these things will help me in the long run. Studying is something that I didn’t do so often because I was just being lazy to put in that extra time and effort. N…

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