In May of 2010 the dojo started to advertise a summer special.At the time I was out of shape and knew I needed to do something, but was not sure what it was.I looked at the cost of the advertised summer special and figured this would be something different; I could probably learn something while getting in shape during the summer.I approached Jeff Wheeler about it and he said why wait until June for the special when you can train for free during the month of May (Mother’s Day special).I said ok and my temporary training began.So I thought!I was able to get in more cardio and stretching in 45 minutes than I expected.I started to eat better, sleep better, handle stress better, felt happier, lost a few pounds and gained some much-needed self-confidence.I started to do team runs once a week at 8:00 am on Saturday mornings and came back for class at 11:30 am.

I could not believe I was actually doing these things . . . running a mile or so and training in martial arts.That is not normal for a 38 year old, out of shape and inflexible woman!I was never very flexible, so how in the world could I try to kick anyone or anything without keeling over?!I watched the higher ranked students during their class time and knew I was not as good, but I figured I might hang in there to see how far I can or will go. At that point I was proud to be one of those people who actually do work out a few times a week.I was also very proud to be one of those people who wake up early morning to go running.I used to look at “those” people thinking they had a special gene that I secretly envied.Now I am one of those people that others look up to and it feels great!It feels great to be stronger!It feels great to be more muscular!It feels great to be happier!It feels great to have my family and friends tell me how proud they are of me . . . especially my parents, husband and son.It feels great to share my testimony with so man…

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