Just because musicians and actors have not-so-ordinary jobs, it does not mean they are not-so-ordinary people; everyone should have the right to vote, no matter who they are. People of our generation are heavily influenced and affected by celebrities and their decisions whether it includes: religion, culture, fashion, education or social media; we (to an expense) live by them. I believe in the potential influence of select celebrities and accepting their help as a petition to better and change the views of politics to youth and other reluctant people in our country.

Celebrities are not just pretty faces. Many of them have some pretty big brains to go along with all of that fame. Who is to say that just because celebrities are the highly praised people that they are, they can’t vote? On the contrary, there are many celebrities with a higher IQ than just the “average person” and are even considered being a genius. For example, Conan O’Brien has an IQ of 160, famous F.R.I.E.N.D.S star Lisa Kudrow with an IQ of 154, and legendary Queen Guitarist Brian May with an IQ of 160. Like these three geniuses, many other celebrities have been accounted and made it a point to go too school and finish their education. Not depending on their extensive salary or riches, these stars choose to become familiar and aware of the world and changing matters that are happening every day. Like 25-year-old Emma Watson, she just recently graduated with her degree in English literature from Brown University; and Hip-Hop rapper Pitbull who just graduated from Doral College, proudly showing his graduation picture to the world showing his success. These are only a few of the many celebrities with higher IQ’s or college degrees, and that itself should give these people a right to vote.

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While many stars shy away from endorsing a politician or even mentioning their political affiliation, this one celebrity is known for speaking out about various economic and s…

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