Ring. Buzz. Ring. Running over to my cell phone I quickly looked at the caller ID and saw it was my mom calling. Excitedly, I picked up the phone and immediately began rambling about my day. Laughter filled the other end of the phone as I told her about my attempt of surfing. I continued to talk about my trip to the beach, and she let me talk, but I could tell there was something wrong by the tone in her voice everytime she replied. “Is there something wrong?” I asked.

Slowly, she let out the words telling me, “your grandfather had a terrible accident. You need to be with your family at a time like this.” I was in complete shock. I was scared, worried, and angry. All these emotions crashed over me at once. I went to sleep later that night not knowing whether or not I would be able to talk to my grandpa again.

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That next morning, my vacation was cut short as I packed up all my stuff, said goodbye to my best friend, and left the sun filled beach.Throughout the whole car ride to the hospital, I remained silent. Thoughts were running through my mind; especially memories of the 13 years I spent with my grandpa. Just as I got there, it felt like I entered a whole new world. The sun was no longer shining, and the air became bitterly cold for a summer day. The smell of rubber gloves and antiseptic filled my nose immediately. Nurses were rushing around with their patients in wheelchairs, and there were anxious families sitting quietly, waiting to see if their loved one was healthy, but everything in my eyes was a blur. My mind was set on going to see my grandpa and the rest of my family.

On the way to the ICU, where my grandpa was staying it felt like we walked miles, each step getting closer my legs felt a little more like Jell-O. We reached the waiting room, and there I saw my closest family members sitting, everyone had fear in their eyes. Then, we all crowded the room where my grandpa was in. As soon as I turned the corner into th…

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