Changing my Life: College Equals Better Life

When I was a little girl I never thought about going to college; just figured I would always be the one taking care of my family. You see my father worked out of town and was never home, my step-mother was always out running the bars she never cared about my little brother nor myself. I was the one that got my little brother up for school, made sure he was fed and did his homework. However, the thought of going to college and making something of myself had crossed my mind a time or two. Although, I never knew how I would make it there or if it was even possible. Now that I have chosen to do more for myself and my family than I have in the past. I am going to college at this time because I want stability for my family, to have more opportunities out of life, and to build my confidence.

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Nevertheless, having stability for my family by getting my degree, and starting a career that offers benefits for my family is something that I have always dreamed would happen. Healthcare compensation can help when someone gets sick, and I wouldn’t have to pay as much if any it all. Another stability that can help my family would be job security. Having this assurance will help me by knowing that my position in the career isn’t going anywhere. I also wouldn’t be worried about being replaced or let go. The majority of people who get laid off are the ones who do not hold a college degree, and I do not desire to be a member of that class. Therefore, having stability for my family will help me be able to obtain all of this for them.

Furthermore, a degree will help me have more opportunities out of life. Having this recognition will help me advance in my chosen career. I this can happen for the simple fact I will have the education that is required to do so. College can help me think and follow complicated matters, and that will show that you have the intelligence to move forward. It will also allow me to s…

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