?Part 1: Essay Plan

Can China rise peacefully in an anarchic international system?

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In today’s international arena there is much discussion about the rise of the China as the next superpower. The growth of this populous country in the foreseeable future is perceived to be a game changer in relation to current world order.The question posed on this specific topic is ‘Can China rise peacefully in an anarchic international system?’ In order to provide a focus for the answer, a number of implied assumptions need to be extrapolated out of the question posed:

a. The term Anarchic means ‘With no controlling rules or principles to give order in the absence of a world government’ (Waltz 1979).Associating this term with the phrase ‘international system’ (the branch of law which goes commonly under the name of the law of nations – Bentham, 1789), implies that in the context of the question, the modern rules based international law is not being followed/obeyed or achieving its main intent of creating and maintaining order between polities.

b. For China to ‘rise’ there needs to be some form of comparative measure (i.e. political, economic, social, technical, to indicate what is a rise and conversely, what is a fall).

c. A time period is required to conduct analysis of the change and so are other actors (i.e. state X and state Y) in order to achieve a ‘relative’ and ‘contextual’ perspective of China’s rise.

d. ‘Peacefully’ implies that there is the potential for friction in the international system, just as much as there is for peace.

Taking into consideration the international relation aspect of the question, this essay will frame its answer using a Western viewpoint, it will incorporate the Economic and Military interactions of the International System from the PEST-LM framework as the means to measure ‘rise’, set the time period from 1970 onwards (when Chinese policy shifted to greater interna…

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