My name is M________.I am from China. I am in my last semester of senior in Lee Academy high school. I am going to tell you a little bit about my background, religion and interests. I was born in the city called Kuerle in XingJiang, China.There are lot of people over there. Almost everyone there identifies as Uyghur people, who are Muslim. Also, many people are very unfamiliar with Uyghurs. Uyghur are an ethnic group of people living in eastern and central Asia. In many ways, Uyghurs are different from the Chinese. Being a diverse group, Uyghurs are also quite different from each other. We have our own religions, art, dance, music, letters, literatures, languages, education and medicine. There are a lot of Uyghurs living in XingJiang, China. Why do I value my faith? Because I value my faith since from when i was kid. Because in my family everybody are Muslim. And we pray every single day. That is why I think it is pretty important for me. So that is about my religion.

In addition to my faith, my family is also an important part of my life. There are four people in my family: my mom, my dad, my brother and I. My mom is a supervisor of china Petrol and Gas limited of Tarim Oilfield Branch. My dad is a manager of the long term transport department and mainly responsible for long term transport. I am almost 18 years old high school senior student. And my younger brother is only 9 years old. They are very important for me. Because they are my family.Also i growing up with them. Because of my parent that’s why i came to this world. They helped me in the everything. For example they helped me how to talk, how to eat something, how to walk , how to study, how to reading book and lot of stuff. Because of them Ii am still alive. And i love my family, So I think they are very important for me. That is a little bit about my family. Also, I am an outgoing guy. I would like to talk with everyone around me, and meet new friends. It is very go…

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