I have never been great when facing decisions. Minor or major I can not seem to process the right decision or the choice that best fits me. My personal interests are broad and my views on a lot of topics are not swayed to either side. I am also the type of person who is concerned about missing out on any experiences. For these reasons are what makes me the way I am about making decisions. One of the most extraneous, stressful, and procrastinated decision in my young life was that of what the majority of graduating high school students are faced with; what college do I attend? I could not find the right decision even after all the college visits and the hype of friends in college on how great their universities are. Not one choice really inspired me to know where I should go.

Many questions came into reality when I had to choose my university. Do I still want to play soccer? Where do I want to live? What do I want to study? I finally had those questions answered along with a bunch of other unsure questions. Back in May I took a college visit to University of Southern Indiana. I drove up here with my dad on a Thursday if I remember correctly it was the first of the month. I was currently still in school and got to miss half the day and all day Friday. The soccer coach at Southern Indiana had been in contact with me for a few months and arranged for me to visit that weekend. His name was Mat Santoro and found me to be a special case given my peculiar situation. A Texas soccer player with family ties to Evansville the surrounding town. While we communicated he was a good guy and made me feel like there was hope in my future here at Southern Indiana.

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After a grueling eleven-hour drive we made it to my aunt’s house Thursday night. I contacted coach Santoro and told him we arrived here in Evansville. He told me to get rest and we would meet in his office at ten the next morning. I was excited and almost shocked at the fact I was here and…

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