Attending traditional college is not for me, because I’m a mother of two. I work morning to afternoon shifts, and my days are very busy. I really wanted to start with an university that was very flexible with my busy schedule. During my research, I came upon Bethel University, which in my opinion was the best choice for me. Ever since I was a little girl, there has always been a career that sparked my interest and that I’ve wanted to pursue. I watch my grandmother worked as a health care administration for years. She worked in a hospital in North Carolina, I loved watching her communicate and help others. So my plans were to graduate high school and start pursuing my health care administration career, But as I got older things change. I had my first child at the age of sixteen, so I couldn’t attend school as often. I was force to drop out and find a job. When I was 19, I shockingly got pregnant again. I realize then that I had to do something better with my life for my sons. So I went and got my GED, which I succeeded in doing in 2012. Over the years, I worked and took care of my kids but I was not happy with living pay check to pay check so I decided to research some colleges with great online health care administration courses. After months of searching I decided that Bethel University was the best decision.

I would like to attend Bethel University because I really want to better my life for my kids. I want my sons to see that education goes a long way and I think Bethel University can help me with that. Online courses may be tougher but I know that Bethel also offers great tutoring and also have great professors. Attending here would change my life for the better. I also love the fact that Bethel has the career I want to pursue, Health care administration. I’m going to enjoy learning everything there is to know. In this economy, you have to have a good education to have a great life. I know that attending here; I will gradua…

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