From the age of three—the earliest age I can remember anything—I have constantly had changes occur in my life that have shaped me into who I am today, starting when my little brother was born. My little brother has Asperger’s syndrome—a high functioning form of autism—so when we were younger, he received most of my parents’ attention even though they tried their best to give me just as much attention. Since I could not really communicate with my little brother due to his syndrome, I was always a very quiet child and stayed to myself a lot. However, I loved learning new things and even taught myself how to multiply numbers when I was about six years old. I still remember the look on my mother’s face when I showed her my composition book full of multiplication problems that I solved, she was so shocked but so proud. Also around that time, my little sister was born and my parents had just bought their first house that we still live in now. I had to go to a new elementary school which really bothered me because I really loved my old elementary school, but I quickly got adjusted to my new school and gained some great friends throughout the years.

My middle school, and part of my high school years—since I am currently still in high school—were, overall, great because I have always been a principal’s honor roll or honor roll student and I still have been able to maintain a healthy social life. However, there has been a lot of family drama in my house that still saddens me every time I think about it. For about seven years, my parents allowed my mother’s parents and both of my mother’s sisters—along with their children—to live with us and most of my extended family members never got along. There were numerous arguments and fights that occurred for years until all of my extended family members finally moved out. My Aunt Dee Dee never really moved out though because she committed suicide while she was still living with…

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