Coming from Vietnam, I was born in a traditional family. My family is an extended family. Three families live together side by side; my family, my uncle’s family and my aunt’s family. An extended family surely have a lot of fun and we have the benefit of celebrating many birthdays and events together. I am the youngest in the family, living with the whole crew – my cousins, I always get along with each other very well. Still, growing up under the same roof, we had many ups and downs. I know a lot of thing about my cousins, from their personalities to their hobbies. Even now, when I am living in America, I still keep in touch with my two cousins; An and Khoa. An and Khoa are completely different.

An is quiet, warm and neat. My cousin An is my uncle’s first son. He is not the communicating type of person. He is intensely quiet, he only says what is worth. At once, he is intelligent and unique. He acts older than his age. He know what the other person needed just merely by looking at their eyes and their facial expressions. Whenever our family spend time together, it seems like he detaches from everyone else, it seems like he escapes to another world. Mostly, people would think his mind is floating to somewhere, what they don’t know is that he is focusing. He focus to everyone, he listens to their voice. An is the one who say the less but mean more. I like An, he understands me in a way that nobody could. I don’t have to repeat what I tell him. He is warm. I remember there was a time, when my toy is broken, I cried a lots. My cousins was playing game, while Khoa was so focus on winning the race, An came and comforted me. He told me to not to cry, he told me that he would figure it out why the toy is broken and he did. By the next day, after a long day in school and the thought of my favorite toy’s broken, I just ran in my room and tried to sleep through the day. When I went in my room, I was surprised. I was shocked by the fact…

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