The country that I chose for this particular discussion board is Thailand.In 2013, Thailand had to implement new infrastructures and investment policies in order to achieve a steady growth.Unlike The United States due to the economic change they have one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world.At less than 20% of the population compared to The United States they are able to allow higher minimum wages and also cut on higher taxes.Politically, Thailand has been under a “British” style form of government over the years.In the late 1970’s Thailand’s Prime Minister had been in charge of the country government but wasn’t actually a leader nor a member of any political party.As the years went on it has been said as well that the Thai military had continued to play a major role in the political side.

Much different from The United States Thai education system governed in a different way.Their government provides free education to all of the Thai residents from kinder garden all the way up to the 12th grade.Although the education is free they have to have a mandatory of 9 years attended within the school system.Now, traditionally throughout The United States most children would stay at their parents homes until the age of 18 or those who wish to proceed with their education after completing high school wait until they go off to college.Most of Thailand’s family structures are stronger than what you would think and for some families they would have many generations living under one room before moving out on their own.Commonalities from Thai to US marriages are that they are traditional and a rarity that arranged marriages ever come about.

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One thing that should be taken into consideration when doing business with Thailand is that the currency rate is way lower to the US dollar.Now when it comes to spending in Thailand it’s really beneficial to most of the other countries including the US just because c…

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