Throughout history culture played a vast part in society’s development. In today’s humanity, one’s culture can define them as a person, how they can grow, seen, and their place in society. Based on sociology culture is typically learned, socially transmitted customs, knowledge, material objects and behavior. An individual’s culture includes ideas, values, customs, and artifacts of groups of people. Based on personal experience’s culture plays a significant part in my interaction and family base.

In my family religion, traditions, marriage, and symbols are well respected and followed. As a whole, my family practices religion. I go to church, at least, four times a week for events such as Bible study, dance ministry, Friday night service and Sunday’s services.My family has been involved in religion for generations after generations. Going to church plays a manger role in my growth as a person. My grandmother has been taking me to church for as long as I can remember .Being involved in the church has molded my personality and the way my family views certain topics .For instance marriage, in my culture, we have certain wedding tradition such as, jumping the broom and getting married in a church. Also, we believe that one should get married before having sex and shouldn’t get married young .Based on what we were taught in church its unjust to get married for reasons such as sex. We believe that your body should be protected before marriage because your body is your temple. Therefore, you should take care of it .In contrast, same sex marriage in my family is respected but isn’t seen as moral because we are so religious. Even though it says it is not right, we still view it as it’s your life do what you think is best for you. As you can see, religion plays a massive part in my life.

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In my family, there are numerous cultural norms that we follow. Based off my racial background (African American) my family is usually character…

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